Discomfort is our greatest teacher

We will repeat the same pattern over and over, until it either gets way too uncomfortable to stay, or the universe literally pushes us out of the loop. Discover what your soul is yearning for, by developing the ability to turn inward. Like most things in this life, it gets easier with time and practice. Meditation practices and rituals are incredibly personal and there is no one stop shop. Develop a ritual that suits your lifestyle and routine, it will change and develop as you evolve. My morning practice includes
♥️Burning palo santo in my living space (windows open) and voicing things that I am grateful for. E.g. the roof over my head, the food on my plate, my morning coffee, the email I received, my health, my family etc.
♥️ Meditation – I use the @insighttimer app for my meditation practice. I either use the timer or love @sarahfinds soothing voice. Free version available and you can upgrade.
♥️ Journaling helps me ease my mind and get things off my chest. Remember no one is judging your writing ✍️ it’s your ritual and it’s for your eyes only, so don’t put pressure on yourself.
Would love to know what your ritual includes! ??