Yoga with Daniela Rose

Are you looking to start your yoga journey, or simply deepen your existing practice? Online classes now available!

This week’s LIVE stream schedule:

Tuesday – 7.45am
Thursday – 7.45am

The duration of each practice is 45 minutes, accompanied by a curated playlist. Every practice will be an opportunity to reconnect with yourself, while exploring different elements of the body and mind.


Group practice
Single class pass $9.00
Two class pass $15.00
Four class pass $27.00

Please note class passes do not have an expiry date and will simply roll over to the next week.

Private one on one sessions
1:1 sessions $30 per class

This option is perfect for those who are wanting to build confidence and deepen their practice.

If your financial circumstances have been affected during these unprecedented times, please get in touch directly to discuss options available. 

Keen to get started? Here’s how! 


Yoga Instructor – Daniela Rose

“Yoga has had a profound impact on my life and I love sharing this readily available practice with others.”

I am truly honoured to share this practice with people from all walks of life. Holding space for individuals to check in, explore movement and build strength. All the while becoming familiar with thought patterns that may arise during practice and how the practice itself can help us navigate these emotions, on and off the mat.