In my early teens

In my early teens, I was having a particularly tough time “fitting in” and my dear mother imparted the following words of wisdom. Firstly she asked, “Daniela, what flavour ice cream do you like?”, after a couple of eye rolls? I responded with, “chocolate”. She followed up with, “I like vanilla, do you like vanilla Daniela?”, I abruptly responded with a “NO!”. She then went on to say, “Daniela consider yourself chocolate flavoured ice cream, some will like that particular flavour more than others and that’s ok. Those that do like chocolate will make themselves known and to my knowledge all flavours are capable of sitting side by side in a display cabinet.” ??‍♀️?? In other words – you’re not going to be everyone’s cup of tea and that’s ok! Be nice to thy neighbour, as we walk through this human experience together.
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